Sundaeswap Finance

On the Cardano blockchain, there is a decentralised trade protocol. SundaeSwap Finance is a decentralised exchange and liquidity provisioning system built on the blockchain.

As part of SundaeSwap’s goal to be a completely decentralised exchange on Cardano, the community must take responsibility for the DEX’s administration and development, including the treasury.The creation of an ownerless marketplace that allows community members to connect in a direct, trustless way is heavily reliant on community input via smart contract-controlled voting and governance.
This page will keep the community informed on how governance smart contracts will look and when they will be completely implemented.
Implementation at the DEX’s launch was unfortunately not achievable due to Cardano’s current transaction size parameters. The governance elements of the SundaeSwap Protocol’s smart contracts entail transactions larger than 16kb, mostly owing to the requirement that the script be provided in every transaction greater than 16kb, primarily due to the requirement that the script be included in each transaction.

The parameters will most certainly be expanded over time, but complete smart contract-controlled governance will not be possible until IOG introduces the Babbage HFC upgrades later in 2022.
Until then, the SundaeSwap Labs development team has created a governance category (named “Sundae DAO”) on the SundaeSwap Discord to discuss governance proposals and temperature checks on potential future proposals.



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