Introducing Earnmos — the first Auto Yield Optimizer for Evmos and Cosmos Ecosystem

Don’t make me think

Excited but confused!! Those are my first impressions of Defi. I am deeply impressed by the yield returns but more and more understand its complexity as well. The more I learn, the more I discover that I can adopt a lot of strategies to achieve higher yield. Strategies such as compounding the reward, leverage on lending protocol, etc.

However It will drive me crazy to define, monitor and manage all these strategies manually. Several steps need to be repeated frequently.

I am quite confident that I am neither the first nor the last person who faces this challenge. With the ever growing value locked on-chain, Defi has attracted a lot of attention and many new players are now coming onboard. It is very common to see questions such as “how can I earn more yield?”, “how can I invest on that?”

Although the yield is shining, the Defi apps are still complicated and unfriendly to use.

Evmos and Cosmos

We believe in the Cosmos vision. The blockchain needs to be more flexible and configurable according to its purpose. This is the meaning of the application specific blockchain. On the other hand, they should be communicating with each other under one network.

Most blockchain users are brought in by Bitcoin or Ethereum, especially recent Defi, NFT, GameFi on EVM-compatible blockchains. Until recently, if you wanted to try blockchain among Cosmos Ecosystem, you needed to use some complicated centralized service to move your assets.

And then after you move the assets to Cosmos, there are other complicated things that make it quite confusing to transfer and use the token in different chains within the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Evmos is aiming to be the EVM hub of Cosmos, making it easy for Smart Contracts to deploy and communicate within Cosmos. We believe this will bring more users and assets to the Cosmos Ecosystem.


According to above, we believe that a lot of tools need to be explored in the new interchain ecosystem. Earnmos is our first attempt.

A community driven yield optimizer originated from Evmos, aiming to provide the “Don’t make me think” experience and help investors earn within the Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem.

Why we have this idea

We will build Earnmos because of several things:

  • Lower the entry barriers for EVM users. It will help to bring the EVM users to Evmos which enlarges the user base. The Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem is a little different from the single blockchain, so Earnmos provides an entrance for the EVM Defi users to participate in the Defi on Evmos and Cosmos Interchain ecosystem with maximized efficiency both on user experience and capital.
  • Easy and convenient to use. Earnmos provides an unique user experience for the investors who are not technically minded or who wish to interact in a less committal manner than serious traders. This will bring and retain more users to Evmos.
  • Interchain opportunities. As mentioned above, we believe in the vision of Earnmos and Cosmos. Multi-chain will exist in the future for specific purposes. This will be more complicated when compared to the current single blockchain Ecosystem. Users are more willing to work with a tool that provides a one stop shop.
  • Community Driven. We believe in the power of the community, especially in the multi-chain future. Time of each individual is limited, so no one can learn all, such as other blockchains, Defi protocols, etc. We need a community to share and feed each other. Moreover, we don’t want to have an iconic person who has a dominant influence on the project.

Further information

Community is a key factor of Earnmos. All the resources and tokens in the future will be highly weighted to the community. Before the mainnet, we will begin to build the early community to discuss some protocol and strategy discussion.

Stay tuned and more specific information will be provided as they become available.



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First yield optimizer for Evmos and Cosmos Interchain Ecosystem. Core team is building, stay tuned!!