🔥Turn your 10$ to $1000 !! Space ID Potential Airdrop Guide

😱Missed $10000 ENS airdrop? Don’t miss this one🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

🤷‍♂️ Why it could be Potential Airdrop?

SPACE ID is a universal naming service network allows users to use one human-readable domain name to represent their identities across all individual DApps and blockchains.

Space ID is backed by Binance Labs and It’s the main Naming service Network of Binance Smart Chain. Like same as ENS in Ethereum Chain and we know that ENS did up to $10,000 Airdropped to Eligible users.

Space ID doesn’t have their Native Token yet and According to our speculation, If they will launch Token then there will Potential airdrop for sure.

Right now, They are doing some big events and It’s great time to Prepare from now. Still we want to clarify you that there is no guarantee that you will qualify for airdrop by doing these task.

🔽 Space ID airdrop Eligible Criteria ?

According to our Speculation, We can eligible by doing these task👇

1️⃣ Hold at least one .bnb space ID Domain

2️⃣ Join discord and Claim Role

3️⃣ Participate in Community Events

1️⃣ Hold at least one .bnb space ID Domain

Have to buy at least one .bnb domain and Hold it. You have invest some BNB to buy (Approx. $6–$7 Including fees)

▶ Visit here: https://app.space.id?inviter=sellyournft.bnb

▶ Connect wallet & Search any domain you want buy

👉 Buy any Longer letters Domains because it’s cheaper.

▶ Click on “Request” & wait few minutes after confirm wallet prompt

▶ Click on “ Register” & Again wait few minutes after confirm wallet prompt

▶ Click on “Manage Profile”

▶ Click on “Set Your Primary Name” and Select your domain then “Save” it

▶ Done, How hold it

2️⃣ Join discord and Claim Role

▶ Join Discord : https://discord.gg/wZJDkShRRD

▶ First verify your self by visiting “#verify-here” Room

▶ Visit “#get-roles” room & “Verify” your wallet to claim “.bnb Domain Owner” Role

▶ Done!!

3️⃣ Participate in Community Events (Important)

Right now 3 Big Community Events is live on Galxe, where you have to claim 3 important OAT 👇

✅ ClaimSPACE ID Voyage I: Prime” OAT

▶ Visit here: https://galxe.com/spaceid/campaign/GC9pLUwF8n

▶ Complete all simple tasks & Claim it

✅ Claim “SPACE ID Voyage II: Legacy” OAT
▶ Visit here: https://galxe.com/spaceid/campaign/GCiJUU4mh9

▶ Complete Simple Task

▶ Mint or Redeem one “Space ID Gift Card” & Claim this OAT

👉Tricks: If anyone from your friends circle want buy domain then Mint “Space ID gift card” & Send it to him, He can buy 1 Domain with this Gift Card.

✅ Claim “SPACE ID Voyage III: Awakening” OTA

▶ Visit here: https://galxe.com/spaceid/campaign/GC68VU41GF

▶ Complete all simple task

▶ Set your Twitter Name with your .bnb Domain

👉 Your Twitter name does not have to be the exact match to your .bnb domain, e.g. the Twitter name “Allen | 12345.bnb” will be valid.

▶ Wait for to taken Snapshot then we can claim this OAT !!

👉Snapshot of Twitter names will be taken sometime in Q1

▶ That’s it !! May be more event will come in future If that happen then we will update that on our Telegram Channel So, Join now for more tasks update.

✅ Follow us on Telegram to stay up-to-dated.

Twitter (Md Azaher, Founder of Earn Together)

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