Who Am I?

To Be An Artist In Today’s World

Imagine yourself losing your beloved one in an unexpected manner at a young age and yet your boss-even though he expresses his sympathy-asks you to compose for his son’s wedding. These were exactly the circumstances as Monteverdi was commissioned to write a “favola in music” (a music drama) for the festivities of Francesco’s wedding, the heir of the Mantuan Duke, with Margareta di Savoia, in 1608. Monteverdi composed Arianna on a text by Ottavio Runiccini. As Marco da Gagliano mentions in 1608 in his preface to his own work Dafne, this favola contains “arias in such an exquisite manner … that the power of ancient music is restored, because they visibly moved the whole audience to tears.”

Today and in history artists-musicians, painters, poets-have almost never had the opportunity to address directly to those who are engaged in business, finance and politics. They were rather the “servants” of the authority and/or the institution. Interestingly they were and let’s hope that they still can remain to be the ones to establish principles by bringing ‘emotional truth.’

Who/Which is the guiding institution in the global society today, which speaks to the majority of people? It seems that every single one-religion , government, regulating authorities etc- has been replaced by the ‘markets’. The only thing which markets didn’t replace and will never be able to replace is the capacity of arts to move people. That’s why even the business world-the market- craves for creative arts and asks for help from the artists. This in turn demands from the artist to rethink who s/he really is.

Arts seems to be rearranging, bringing up juxtapositions in the most unexpected manner, creating surprises and ‘emotional truth’ in any circumstance. On the condition to remain ‘true’ to oneself, not an easy one in today’s world!