Savaşın Gölgesinde Müzik

100 yıl önce 28 Temmuz’da dört yıl sürecek ve tüm tarihi savaşlarda olduğu üzere sonuçları, bir türlü tükenmek bitmeyecek Birinci Dünya Savaşı başladı. Hafızalarımızı tazelersek savaşın- en azından görünen- başlama nedeni 28 Haziran 1914’te Avusturya-Macaristan İmparatorluğu veliahtı Arşidük Franz Ferdinand’ın bir Sırplı öğrenci tarafından öldürülmesiydi. Yükselen milliyetçilik…

While thinking about the absurdity(ies) in and of life, a write-up which I did some time ago came into my mind. It is a little portrayal of Leonard Cohen’s life instances and his life philosophy. …

Born in 1938, John Corigliano is said to be one of the most important living American composers. Istanbul had the honour to receive him as a guest at the fully packed Sürreya Opera on the evening of October 26th, 2015.

Ellen Jewitt-Jerfi Aji

The violinist Ellen Jewett and the pianist Jerfi Aji hosted…

To Be An Artist In Today’s World

Imagine yourself losing your beloved one in an unexpected manner at a young age and yet your boss-even though he expresses his sympathy-asks you to compose for his son’s wedding. These were exactly the circumstances as Monteverdi was commissioned to write a “favola…

To Life!

And to People Rendering It Meaningful!

Last night Istanbul welcomed a Viennese gentleman, one of the last living examples of the first Viennese school performers: the 88 years old pianist Paul Badura-Skoda.

I was sitting there simply mesmerized by this coloratura soprano, who showed an incredible endurance-both physically and pschologically-during her recital in the early 90's in Istanbul. Half of the recently inaugurated hall , which unfortunately is not necessarily very appropriate for voice recitals, was empty. I couldn’t clap but I…


musicologist, vocal coach, lecturer, researcher, writer-editor, trainer

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