Unfortunately, I do not see why the ECAT tokens provide real utility over ETH or BTC.
Michael Gingras


They clearly detailed the proposed functionality that will accompany the token. To not see the proposed value you must either not have read or comprehended it. In my reading, you can use the tokens to subscribe to an investment strategy (which I assume a smart contract will automatically execute on whatever allocation of funds you set aside for it upon contract purchase), subscribe to a data source, or . . . something else I forgot and this clunky comment system doesn’t let me see the original page (and I have to do several clicks to communicate that yes I want to actually read the entire comment after I scroll past annoying ads).

You cannot do that with BTC. You can do that with ETH, if you write some smart contracts that enable it plus the proposed system to manage said contracts.

That is a clearly described value which is different from ETH alone and BTC.