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He is a 23-year-old climate activist, EARTHDAY.ORG MyfutureMyvoice ambassador and entrepreneur, very passionate about the fight against climate change and the promotion of the Green Economy for Africa’s development and advancement. Despite the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he courageously and passionately started an NGO called “ The Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA ”. The organization has led campaigns, hosted conferences, and workshops, that directly impacted over 10,000 young people cumulatively.

In collaboration with Reductio of Waste and Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability, Ezekiel Nyanfor launched a ten (10) years reforestation project called 1Million Trees Liberia Project where they intend to plant 1,000,000 trees across Liberia from 2020 - 2030. They have worked with five(5) different communities and trained over 500 youths. Through radio engagements, they have carried out awareness on 5 different most follow radio stations.

His quest for a sustainable future and planet motivated him to apply for the Millennium Fellowship which is a semester-long social impact and leadership program that advances the Sustainable Development Goals organized by the United Nations Academic Impact and the Millennium Campus Network. He was selected as Campus Director for the University of Liberia. During this fellowship, he coordinated 18 fellows with 18 different projects promoting the SDGs on campus. As Climate Activist, his project called ECO CLASS promoted SDG13, Climate Action.

Through the ECO CLASS project, he launched the Earth Series that brought together, experts and activists in the field of climate change and the environment to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices to combat climate change. Over 50 university students were inspired, motivated, and encouraged to go out and protect the Earth.

The ECO CLASS project also launched the first-ever climate and environmental campaign on the University of Liberia, Fendell Campus name and styled The Green Campus Campaign(GCC) under the theme: University of Liberia Go Green (UL Go Green). The population of the Fendell Campus is over 18,000 students and awareness was carried out through the Green Forum, Climate Quiz, and Team bulging Exercise. Over 30 students were trained as Green Campus Ambassadors to lead the project.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ezekiel hosted the first African Youth Conference on Biodiversity Conservation & Climate Change under the theme: Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change the role of the African youth in the post-COVID-19 era. He partnership with, Youth Go Green Africa, Eco Brix, and Delreport in bringing youths together from the corners of Africa, conservationists and climate activists. The conference impacted 77 youths from across the all parts of Africa with certificate distribution. Speakers came from Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Zimbabwe.

In accordance with the World Health Organization’s guidelines, the air quality in Liberia is considered moderately unsafe - the most recent data indicates the country’s annual mean concentration of PM2.5 is 18 µg/m3, which exceeds the recommended maximum of 10 µg/m3.

Also according to World Health Organization (WHO), 3,500 people died in 2014 of air pollution. These are not mere statistics but are our fellow citizen lives that were lost to air pollution in Liberia. Ezekiel organized the first National Clean Air Day to be held in the Republic of Liberia in 2020. The National Clean Air Day brought together decision makers, experts, marketers, community waste management entities, women groups, youth groups, and civil societies to collectively fight and curb the massive air pollution in Liberia with the goal to achieve #CleanAirForAll by 2030. Over 100 hundred people attended the conference which prompted the Walk4CleanAir Campaign.

After the National Clean Air Day Conference, Ezekiel lead a group of young people approximately 100 under the Walk4CleanAir Campaign to submit a petition/recommendation paper that came out as an outcome document from the National Clean Air Day to the National Public Health Institute of Liberia.

In commemoration of the World Wildlife Day 2021, Ezekiel organized two different events with an elementary and high school with over 1,000 young people educating on the importance of wildlife and why endangered species should be protected.

Also in Commemoration of World Biodiversity Day 2021 he lead a team to carried out awareness on the protection of wetlands. The awareness was carry out in a wetland community called Madina Island with a population of about 30,000 people. They were educated on the importance of wetlands and our ecosystem.

In an attempt to create a sustainable future and planet, the ocean must be protect and clean. Based on this, he partnered Educate the Future Liberia, Reformational Youth of Liberia Inc., and YOTAN-Partner for Social Accountability to organise the first Race4Ocean beach clean up exercise on the PHP beach. Over 150 youths participated in the exercise as well as the community people.

With lots of misinformation and fallacies surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines in Liberia which has lead to the slow down of people getting vaccinated, Ezekiel saw the need to trained and raise awareness on the vaccines. He organized a workshop title COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness under the theme: Get vaccinated & Save Lives, 25 youths were and awareness were carried out in communities.

After COP26 ended in Glasgow, many Liberian youths don’t know the outcome and what happened during the conference. Therefore, Ezekiel organized the first Post COP26 tilet Youth Post COP26 & Nationally Determined Contribution: the perspectives of the young people under the theme: Our Voices Matters. This conference brought together 75 youths and also delegates from COP26.

Ezekiel’s exemplary accomplishments have earned him numerous notable commendations from youths across Africa, the Government of Liberia, and local NGOs.

He was nominated as Young Green Ambassador for the Climate in Africa 2020 edition organized by Climate Change Africa Opportunities. Ezekiel won the Outstanding Leader Award in Liberia. He won the Unleashed Hackathon 2021 and represented Liberia at Mock COP26.

He also won the SDG13, Climate Action Champion Award 2021. Ezekiel was interviewed by the BBC World Service on COP26 just President George M. Weah spoke at COP26.

We applaud and especially appreciate Ezekiel Nyanfor, Climate Champion, an exceptional leader for his exemplary works in transforming Africa and fighting for a sustainable future and planet!




The hub for #EarthDay and environmental events in Africa. It’s not a day — it’s a movement. #EarthDayAfrica

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The hub for #EarthDay and environmental events in Africa. It’s not a day — it’s a movement. #EarthDayAfrica

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