Doppelganger of truth

While avoiding the dented up complexities of daily convention, maybe there is another thread of existence staring right at us. Squint hard, attempt (inadequately) to gather your thoughts in a novel way and then look again. Everything has moved, obviously. Do you believe that it has attempted to deceive or elude you? Surely it has done both of those things.

Applying mind to matter gives us assurance that it is quite easily morphed and manipulated. No assurance is given that that is not just a nifty guise — a distraction even. Contentment is a leap beyond survival. We feel happiness by exceeding survival and continually pulling those instincts into infinitely new and perhaps perverted realms. The illusion becomes real. <! — more →

To survive we must subconsciously accept that our senses delude us. Your cloud is my rock -that kind of thing. Of the billions of conceptual ways we could perceive things, isn’t it possible that only a small number of us were able to pull it off in a survivable way during the earliest days of evolution — the rest of the creatures either never progressed or quickly became extinct due to their inability to perceive nature in a way that could then be fit into a usable structure?

We need to use the desktop analogy. What we see is just the icon on the screen. We know what it does when we click on it: [_]

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