Your input, s’il vous plait.

I was reading the Life-study of Romans, message 7 (as a hurrah after finishing exam number 1 of medical school), and I came across this passage, based on Romans 4:

Once we have an experience of the righteousness of God and Christ, we will guard it as a priceless treasure. We will proclaim, “I have the righteousness of God. I have Christ.” However, one day God will intervene and say, “Offer this on the altar.” Will you do it? Not one out of a hundred Christians is willing. Instead they say, “O Lord, don’t ask me to do this. I would do anything else, but not this.” Nevertheless, we must remember the reactions which go back and forth between man and God. The righteousness of God and Christ are ours — these came as God’s reaction to our faith. Now we must return this reaction to God by offering it to Him. After we react in this way, God will react again. God’s first reaction was to call things not being [faith] as being. His second reaction is to give life to the dead. This is profound.

I don’t think I fully understood this portion. When we offer up an experience of Christ and His righteousness to God, my idea of that was to share these experiences with other members of the church, or to thank the Lord for these experiences in prayer. But in doing these things, I don’t forfeit my hold on these experiences.

I’ve been turning this paragraph over and over in my head, but I can’t figure this out alone. What do you think this means?

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