Sometimes conversations I have inspire a blog post. The content has already been written and because it’s a real conversation it provides something unique.

There is a friend of mine from back in my internet marketing days that I recently reconnected with. I invited him to a group chat where…


It’s helpful to be connected with people on similar journeys.

I’ve been feeling a lack of purpose in the recent months, shame and scars from attempts of my past in internet marketing, Lots of effort wasted. Then I saw a friend from way back when I was pursuing these endeavors…

Right now it’s hard to know what‘s real

The media lies and tells us how to feel

We can’t listen, they tell us what to do

Don’t believe a word of what they say is true

Their planned agenda of division grinds

There is a battle present, it’s for our…

Update 9 hrs later: I’m not giving in to the fear as much and I’m starting to see more clearly as I learn more information. It appears these riots are being instigated from outside forces. I’m upset about the police abusing people but there may be a hidden agenda trying…

You’re with someone you love for years, everything has been wonderful between you for months and then out of nowhere. BAM! A fight breaks out between the two of you.

How many of us have been here?

Me, it’s been too many times, In fact, it’s the fighting in a…

I have been itching to throw myself down a mountain ever since our ski season was cut short with the outbreak of COVID-19. I know I’m not alone.

With every ski resort in Colorado closed completely as of mid March the hope remained alive in the hearts of many shredders…


I’m Matt, I skate, I snowboard, I flow, I trade, I relax, I play, I have a cool cat named Dale and a girlfriend I really love.

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