COVID-19 Snowboarding Awaits!

I have been itching to throw myself down a mountain ever since our ski season was cut short with the outbreak of COVID-19. I know I’m not alone.

With every ski resort in Colorado closed completely as of mid March the hope remained alive in the hearts of many shredders that this season was not completely over. With many resorts such as Vail, Breckenridge, Copper and Keystone announcing permanent closure for the remainder of the season there was one badass epic mountain that held onto that hope.

That is of course Arapahoe Basin, which happens to be my favorite resort that I’ve experienced so far. As of today May 25th, we have been blessed with wonderful news this Memorial Day. They received clearance from the State of Colorado and Governor Polis to reopen the resort beginning this Wednesday May 27th. Being the only resort that opens as early as October and stays open some seasons as late as the 4th of July they have surely lifted the hearts of many with this announcement.

It certainly won’t be the same as before now that COVID-19 is still doing its thing through out the world but with new social distancing measures in place we’re gonna get to shred at least once more this season.

I could not be more stoked!

In some ways it won’t be as cool. We’ll have to make reservations, wear masks, experience longer lines while refraining from partying on the “Beach” but spring skiing is back at A-Basin and we’re gonna ride that shit!

A Typical 4th of July at A-Basin

Reservations are first come first serve and can be made online at 7pm Mountain Standard Time tonight. I have my alarm set on my phone and I will be jumping on those reservations immediately! I got 4 days left at A-Basin on my Ikon pass and I intend to fully exercise my right to shrrrred.

If you’re looking to ski or snowboard one more time this season make sure to hop on the Arapahoe Basin website on time as I imagine it will be booked for the remainder of the season within minutes.

Are you stoked? let me know in the comments.

Yours Truly,

Matty BoomBoom

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