In my early twenties I was obsessed with internet marketing because I wanted to be free of a society that programs you to accept that you must to work a job the rest of your life. …

Sometimes conversations I have inspire a blog post. The content has already been written and because it’s a real conversation it provides something unique.

There is a friend of mine from back in my internet marketing days that I recently reconnected with. I invited him to a group chat where some friends and I share ideas and talk about cool stuff.

Back when I met my friend we were involved in something called Empower Network, it was an incredible experience except for the fact that it turned out to be a scam in the end. …

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It’s helpful to be connected with people on similar journeys.

I’ve been feeling a lack of purpose in the recent months, shame and scars from attempts of my past in internet marketing, Lots of effort wasted. Then I saw a friend from way back when I was pursuing these endeavors post on Fb and we reconnected after many years. It seemed we were both in similar boats. I invited him to a small telegram chat another buddy of mine put together for great minds to come together and be ourselves. …

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