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10 min readJun 24, 2020

It’s helpful to be connected with people on similar journeys.

I’ve been feeling a lack of purpose in the recent months, shame and scars from attempts of my past in internet marketing, Lots of effort wasted. Then I saw a friend from way back when I was pursuing these endeavors post on Fb and we reconnected after many years. It seemed we were both in similar boats. I invited him to a small telegram chat another buddy of mine put together for great minds to come together and be ourselves. He dove into the chat history and shared himself further and in response, I did as well. I wrote so much that I thought it would be great reading and writing material and that people out there would find benefit in our words. Especially if the internet is deteriorating before you and you desire to unleash your creativity to the world. Here is our conversation so far:

J wrote:

I just went through much of this chat history. Enjoyed a lot of it. You guys seem to be seriously nerding out on crypto 😅

The thread I linked to with Matt talking about getting back into writing feels particularly inspiring to me, as someone who currently feels constipated with so many insights/observations. Writing has helped, but posting on FB never seemed to go anywhere, so I’ve stopped posting altogether. Perhaps Medium or YT could be better outlets. So many desires have been dropping for me lately…particularly around making $…and even the desire to share my insights. I’ve lost touch with the purpose to share with others especially in digital mediums, since the effects are never immediately or even long-term wise apparent. The barrage of comments that can be categorized as either ‘I resonate’ or ‘I don’t’ hasn’t really done much for me…maybe it’s just that people aren’t really sharing in-depth on FB. I guess I just don’t know what the purpose is sharing my ideas, perhaps beyond refining them through the feedback of others. But once again, it might just have been a platform issue…not getting any useful feedback on FB, no matter how many times I posted or asked for it. People seem afraid to share their thoughts there. I suppose I extrapolate that out & think that all the internet is functioning that way too, looking at so many surface-level/divisive comments on YT/IG these days.

I suppose I simply crave deep thinking & want to be surrounded by deep thinkers, but feel like I haven’t found the right ‘medium’ to do so.

Any insights/ideas welcome ❤️

Wow just saw you posted a poem Matty. Guess we’re in sync on this topic of self-expression/creativity 😂

Beautiful poem brotha!

Reminded me of one of my favorite songs of the last year…

Also…regarding trading crypto…I am genuinely curious…how do you guys find purpose/fulfillment in moving numbers around on a screen? Particularly as creatives, as I sense it probably takes you away from your creative endeavors. I gather that it’s an interesting challenge & a means to an end, as I’ve played online poker for years & see it very similar to online trading, but it feels like a very empty experience the last few years & stops being fun rather quickly. Definitely don’t get a sense of personal fulfillment by winning $ playing poker…there’s no real sense of contribution.

Is there a deeper significance to making money from trading crypto that perhaps I’m missing?

Sometimes I write more than I should, I never know if it’s too much or not. I just go with the flow and write, That’s what happened with my response below. I hope that you the reader find benefit in our conversation. Here it is:

Dude, that’s awesome you read through the chat history. It definitely sums up a lot of what we talk about here. I know it’s a lot of us going back and forth with crypto, but ultimately I look at this group as a safe space where any of us can talk about anything as we all seem pretty open-minded. As the name of the group says, just BE LOVE and BE who YOU are. If you know beautiful humans that would be a good addition, I’m sure the other Matt would be cool with bringing them here to add to our discussions. Platforms like FB as you mentioned from my experience, people (especially myself )struggle with being who they really are. Perhaps why so many are moving away from those platforms. I also do not post there anymore and only recently I am finding the courage to post again in various other forms like Medium. I’ve referred to Facebook as fake-book and disgrace-book for years now, it doesn’t seem a good place to truly share anymore. I feel vulnerable and judged on the platform, its not good for my mental health personally. I also find the platform to be a bit invasive from the selling of our data, but mostly from how anybody can find you there. I definitely resonate with the loss of purpose in sharing oneself, sometimes it seems pointless, putting all that effort out to the world in hopes someone actually reads it and finds benefit from you putting your heart out there. Then platforms such as FB and Instagram won’t even allow for your content to be shared with all of your followers based on their updated self serving algorithms. You now have to pay to have your content seen which is ludicrous. To give you some ideas of other platforms I’ve recently been looking into Decentralized platforms. Decentralization is the basis of crypto through the underlying technology that is blockchain. Platforms are emerging in a decentralized nature to give humans more control in a variety of forms. Whether it is decentralized finance or a social media platform that doesn’t serve a centralized authority that can dictate the entire experience. I just started experimenting with and Mastodon if you are interested. So far I’m really liking Minds a-lot, here is my recently created account: I plan on posting here a lot more. Decentralization is the future!

In the last year or longer, I’ve found that taking a step back has been beneficial to really evaluate the what and why’s I even do certain things like post content. I think there is a deep yearning to make a difference in this crazy world in most of us. Especially those of us who care about the future of humanity and our planet. I also found in my personal journey that in some ways that feeling to make a difference was linked to my own ego desire to be recognized for something great.

But if the effort and actions we take don’t seem to be getting any traction that’s when it might be time reconsider what’s actually important to us as individuals. I never liked the idea of being selfish, especially after being such a hippie and trying to put others and the greater whole first. Where I’m at now I’ve had to be okay with being somewhat selfish. Ultimately it’s my individual experience and I gotta take care of this 3rd-dimensional being that is me before my existence could really be of great benefit to the greater whole. if you’re familiar with Spiral Dynamics at all, I’m feeling I’m in the midst of a transition from stage green to stage yellow.

So I’m starting small, and I’ve left the doing it for everyone outside of myself part on the side for now and will come back to it later. When I do write for others it’s all flow, and due to feeling inspired at that moment to do so, such as this response I am writing now. When I decide to write on Medium I do it for myself first and if anyone else finds benefit that’s amazing and part of my bigger picture. I don’t post every day, just take the inspiration and run with it when it becomes available. Really learning to be easier on myself, trusting that flow will unfold exactly to what I need to be doing. As much as I feel the rush, I have to remember there is no rush. You gotta take care of yourself first and allow things to happen. If you ever want to feedback, you can always share it here in our group. :)

As far crypto goes I find it to be a challenging pursuit to accompany my other creative endeavors side by side. One of my creative outlets that I’ve gotten clear on that is important to me is my jewelry. I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the love and enjoyment for it and also because it’s a way I make the world brighter. I’m guilty of giving away my jewelry as much as I sell it. I find a balance in serving the world through my art, If I can get to a point where It’s sustainable and I make a profit from it that’s amazing, but I doubt I have come anywhere near breaking even. Anytime I make money with it I just buy more gems and silver to make more! It may never lead me anywhere but its something I feel I have to do regardless of the outcome.

Is there something out there you feel you need to do regardless of the outcome?

If so do it and run with it! To integrate this part of me into what else I’m doing I’ll incorporate the jewelry into my medium posts or my YT videos with zero attachment to selling a single piece. I’m also currently looking into incorporating my belief and advocation of a decentralized future by offering incentives to purchase my jewelry through crypto thus furthering the evolution of our species adopting this technology. In a way, I can be a crypto activist simply by making the option available over traditional payment through fiat.

You can see my jewelry on Instagram @Ruzindla.wraps and my Etsy is currently being updated but in the meantime, you can see it here: Ruzinlda Wraps Etsy

But from a more realistic perpsective, I understand personally I will never be happy struggling and being extremely poor. Especially while working a JOB for a societal slavery system. I admire you for your interest in living freely with zero money and I believe it’s possible. But for me, I think it’s important to live a less limited existence in this 3rd-dimensional world, for me that means living with more money rather than less of it. Though I do see how living without money could create freedom as well but in a different sense. I feel with more resources I can ultimately do more good in this world. That’s important to me. The deeper significance for me to trading crypto is my deep-seated belief that this technology will positively change the world and that it already has.

It was created after the 2008 financial crisis as a solution to our financial system that keeps printing more money, bailing out corporations, and preying on those who have less. USD could one day collapse, right Now in 2020 The fed keeps printing money. The beauty of the first-ever encrypted digital currency BITCOIN is that its scarcity is built into the code. The last Bitcoins will be mined in 2140 and there will only ever be 21 million in existence. It’s not funny money, you just gotta learn how it works and how to profit with it. The trading aspect is more like a video game, you gotta get good at it and you gotta lose some to win some but through using probabilities and risk management you can engineer yourself to end up in the green over time. You have to trade as if you are the casino, not a guest at the casino. You could start holding as most people do.

To give you some perspective in September 2016 I bought and held .2 Bitcoin when 1 Bitcoin was worth $600 and I also bought 11 Etheruems when they were $11 each. Less than a year and a half later at the end of 2017, those Etheruems were worth $1444 each, and that .2 bitcoin was worth $4,000. Do the math. I was just so inexperienced I didn’t realize I was supposed to sell, I thought it would keep going up, lesson learned, you have to trade a little bit to keep your returns. As the world heats up, these assets will exceed their previous All-Time Highs I truly believe this. It’s still early and not too late to invest in cryptos.

There is so much underlying technology behind it that it’s so much more than a financial asset. Blockchain is here to stay. I feel like I’m part of the solution to this failing world through being involved in crypto. I believe it will ultimately free myself financially as it already has created so many millionaires from those who were earliest of early adopters. It’s still in its infancy. I don’t believe in our failing financial system but I do believe wholeheartedly in crypto and its purpose in freeing humanity.

So that’s a bit into my world, some of the ways I feel about expressing creativity and freeing ourselves from the system. I’m sure this conversation is only getting started. My only hope is that this has inspired you in some way. There are endless possibilities out there and there is no one right or wrong way to go about it. We are all individuals on our own journeys and we must decide what is right for ourselves. If we can collaborate and help one another on the way it only makes sense to me.

If you are like-minded perhaps our group would be good for you, we’d potentially be open to it. But if anything, consider starting your own mastermind group and be selective of the people you allow into your inner circle. Not everyone is trying to live an exceptional existence but those who are can be great allies.

Thank you for reading.

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