Right now it’s hard to know what‘s real

The media lies and tells us how to feel

We can’t listen, they tell us what to do

Don’t believe a word of what they say is true

Their planned agenda of division grinds

There is a battle present, it’s for our minds

Oppression comes in many forms

A lust for power from greedy worms

Earth’s foundation has begun to the shake

Many sleep, yet more awake

Awareness comes in many forms

When the masses awake we’ll come in swarms

Illusions deployed in full effect

A new world is crucial, we must erect

Despite the dark, believe in Light

For our planet, we must learn to fight

Though fighting comes in many forms

Calm and centered we embrace the storm

We may be gone before its done.

Enjoy life now and have some fun

Despite how dark things may seem

Shine your light, be a bright beam

It’s within us to stay strong and true

Perhaps we’ll live to see this world anew.

Stay true to yourself, we will take our planet back. Know this deeply.

Thanks for reading!

~Matty BoomBoom