A day vs 100 years

— life of a Mayfly

I watched his huge keen eyes through the thick round glass,hungry for answers,as he plucked out pieces of me.
What better could my dying body do?
I had no wings in the morning but I grew them by sundown.
Tasted variety of sweet nectar,
Danced with my mate hovering over the emerald blades and ruby roses,
I know nothing of my young ones but I know they’ll fly too.
I was born with the rising sun
and I watched it set too.
The brainy wizard brought me in this glass room as I lay onto a dry leaf
waiting for the moon and stars

to bid the last adieu.
I’m to be the shooting star you’ll see in an hour.
Don’t ask me silly human how and why
I may not be the fittest of all
I am just a ‘happy’ little MAYFLY .


This insect has the shortest lifespan of 24 hours! Fascinating, isn’t it?