Premium quality mushroom spores produced by Earth’s Tongue

If you are interested in nurturing mushroom spores for your personal gourmet kitchen, or inclined to cultivate edible mushrooms for commercial purposes there is a vast array of wonderful species available in Earth’s Tongue in the form of spores in 20cc or 10cc syringes. But providing spores that will eventually satiate the taste buds is not the sole aim of Earth’s Tongue. Earth’s Tongue also cultures mushroom spores that have medicinal properties and also develops spore prints of mushroom species suitable for research purposes.

For years they have worked meticulously to achieve a superior status in the trade of mushroom spores. The authenticity of the products launched by Earth’s Tongue is beyond doubt as the company follows a refund/replacement policy if the products fail to display proper growth. The innumerable Earth’s Tongue Reviews provided by satisfied clients from different regions surely reflect the credibility of the members of the Earth’s Tongue organization.

Products created by Earth’s Tongue

From research on mushroom to cultivating mushrooms, Earth’s Tongue has all the products properly packed and ready to be shipped at your beck and call. There is no need to be anxious if you don’t possess the necessary equipment required for cultivating the spores correctly, Earth’s Tongue has all the products nestled in one place. You can browse through their vibrant variety of edible spores and can also procure all the peripherals required for growing those.

The categories of their products are enlisted below:

  • Mushroom spore prints and syringes of the species Psilocybe-Cubensis: Spore prints and 20cc spore syringes are basically sold for laboratory research. There spore prints are not sold for commercial growth. The company follows strict rules regarding the selling of these.
  • Spore prints and spores of rare varieties: Mushroom spore prints of unusual and rare species are also available like prints of Gymnopilus luteofolius, Psilocybe azurescens etc. These are also limited to microscopic study and are not sold for commercial cultivation.
  • Mushroom spores of edible varieties: Spores are available which can be actively cultivated for commercial or personal cooking purposes. To name a few varieties, mushroom spores of Enokitake, Blue oyster, Cinnamon Cap, Italian Oyster are available.
  • Equipment’s for cultivating mushroom spores: Sterile kits are provided along with materials required for facilitating the proper growth of the spores. The range of these kits depends upon the vast variety of spores that are offered for multiple purposes. For instance there are pre-sterilized jars which are to be used for keeping the mushroom spores from getting contaminated. Bulk substrates are also available along with uncontaminated culture medium.
  • Laboratory equipments for studying spore prints: Mushroom spore prints that are exclusively sold for investigative studies also comes with the set of tools required for studying the spores in aseptic conditions. These include microscopes, seals, additives, autoclavable gusseted bags and filter leads etc.

· The nutrient rich medium appropriate for cultivating a particular kind of mushroom spores is also provided by Earth’s Tongue in the form of compost.

In addition to all the important implements required for cultivating the mushroom spores the organization also features branded apparels and stickers.


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