A guide to harvesting mushrooms spores

Mushrooms are a spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus and they basically grow above the ground in soil. You will find a number of species of mushroom which are poisonous, but there are only few species available which are safe to be used for cooking. Mushrooms grow differently, from other plants. They propagate by spreading spores which will develop into a new fungal growth from which new mushrooms will grow. The fruit of the mushroom body which contain mushroom seeds is called mushroom spores.

Mushrooms have a good source of B vitamins and proteins. They contain low-fat and calories. So many people grow them at their farm. If you wish to grow your own mushroom, the first thing you will need to have is a spore, to start a fungal culture. You can even buy spores for different mushroom strains. You can buy high-quality mushroom spores through online sites. Earth’s Tongue remains a best online seller who specializes in mushroom spores and mushroom cultures. They have a large collection of viable mushroom spores collected from all over the world. If you have access to fresh mushroom, harvest your own spores. Now let us have a look how to harvest mushrooms spores.

Harvesting mushroom spores

To harvest mushroom spores, you will need a mature mushroom which is fresh or still growing, white paper, knife, water dropper and a container. Remove the cap from the mushroom gently and cut off the stem if needed. Don’t crush the cap while removing the stem because this can loose spores. Lay the cap on a piece of paper with pores on the bottom of the cap facing down. Put a drop of water on the top of the mushroom cap to release the spores. Carefully, cover the cap with a cup or a container, so that air movement doesn’t disturb the cap. Leave the cap undisturbed for 24 hours and wait till the mushroom releases spore. Remove the container from the cap and hold the mushroom steady. Place a paper under the mushroom and lift the mushroom cap to reveal the spores. Place the spore print in a safe area. Spores can be removed anytime by scraping them off carefully using a knife. Make sure you keep the spore prints in a dry place. If you are growing mushrooms for consumption, make sure you use only those mushrooms, which are grown using spores from a known source.

Use of Mushroom spore syringe

There are different methods, of growing mushrooms and most people start the process by using a spore syringe. The spore is mixed with water in a syringe which is ready for injection. You may use a multi-spore syringe. A mushroom spore syringe is also used to drop spores and water mixture on to a slide for performing microscopy research. The spore syringes must be sterile when used. The syringe method remains reliable and effective for mushroom culture. You may buy a syringe through online or from a reliable vendor like Earth’s Tongue. They offer all types of advanced laboratory culturing tools needed for mushroom cultivation.

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