Enjoy fresh Mushroom dishes daily with mushroom cultivation at home

Mushrooms are healthy and tasty ingredients which are found easily in every part of the world. You can prepare various dishes with mushrooms and can eat it in any form in your daily meal items. There are various types of mushrooms available, but some of them are poisonous and should not be consumed, so you should be aware about the different types before eating it on a regular basis. You can cultivate mushrooms at your home with the help of spores and mushroom kits available in the market.

You can buy mushroom kits from local stores and can buy Mushroom Spore from online stores. You should always remember that quality of the spores determines the quality of mushrooms you will get. You can eat it raw and enjoy the fresh flavor of the healthy dish easily.

Some of the edible mushrooms which you can eat such as Shiitake, Pompom Blanc and some expensive varieties also available in the market. Remember that each mushroom requires a different environment to cultivate so if you are planning to cultivate on your own then should read the manual properly. You can easily grow mushrooms in your home while taking simple care of the cultivation. If you grow enough mushrooms you can easily share it will your family and friends or can even sell it in the local market.

Prepare an area in the corner of the house where you are planning for mushroom cultivation .You require larger space if is cultivating it for commercial purpose .The Earths Tongue mushroom containers should be sufficient enough to scale the cultivation .The mushroom cultivation does not require soil, it can be easily grown in a pot or a jar .You can also cultivate it in the logs or a large piece of wood as it helps in growing naturally. Make some holes in the logs or wood and put mushroom spores inside these holes with the help of Psilocybe Cubensis syringe…

Let’s learn about some useful tips to grow mushroom easily at home:

Other then mushroom kit you will also require an Electric Fan, a spray mist bottle and cooking oil to spray on the mushroom cultivation.
• Select an area for cultivation where the temperature is stable and does not fluctuate easily .You can also experiment will new places if you are not aware about the environmental factors for the mushroom growth. Do make keep it in direct sunlight rather select a place which is dark as it affects the color of the mushroom too.
• Mist the cultivation with a spray bottle and especially if you stay in a dry area, then you need to do it more often.
• Mushroom cultivation requires a lot of fresh air to protect building up of excess carbon dioxide in the environment. Excess of carbon dioxide hampers the mushroom cultivation. 
• The Size of the mushroom depends on the type of mushroom you are cultivating .You should heck the harvesting daily to pick the cultivated mushroom which is hiding beneath .Gently twist and pull it out from the block and keep it safely .
• You should keep the mushroom protected from insects by spraying cooking oil on it .It will kill the insects before it reaches your mushroom cultivation and spoil it.

So, follow these guidelines to cultivate mushroom easily at your home.

Author Bio:
The writer is an expert in the field of Mushroom Spores with focus on Psilocybe Cubensis.

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