How to get mushroom spores for cultivation

Mushrooms are a type of fungus which has a stalk and a cap. They remain different from other plants because they do not have chlorophyll. They can remain dominant under the ground for many seasons. During the specific growing season the fungus develops into a mature structure, capable to reproduce spores. Each spore is a single cell and it can send out a hypha which will develop into a group, forming its own mycelium. When hypha of one spore meets up with another, it begins mushroom production through fusion of hyphae.

Growing mushroom

You will find different ways to grow mushrooms. Most cultivators starts with PsilocybeCubensis because they are most common and easiest to grow. To grow mushrooms, the method starts with one important element, mushroom spores. A spore will grow into single or many mushroom and they can produce thousands of spores. Spore prints can also be used to cultivate mushrooms. Sterility is very important when you are growing mushroom, to keep away bacteria and competitive molds. Some other equipment required to grow mushrooms are a spore syringe, plastic container, canning jars, pressure cooker, brown rice flour and vermiculite. You can purchase all thisequipment through the online store. Earth’s Tongue is an online website that offers all required equipment and mushroom spores at reasonable prices.

Buying mushrooms spores online

If you are a beginner and interestedincultivating mushrooms, the question may arise in your mind, from where to buy mushroom spores. There are many online stores available that sells high quality mushroom spores to required customers. Purchasing spores through online remains one of the best methods to start cultivating mushrooms for the first time. Your information will remain secure during a transaction with your vendor.

If you are a mycologist, interested in studying microscopy,you can also choose to buy mushroom spores online. Finding a reliable supplier for spores and mushroom cultures remains an important part in studying mycology. You will have to acquire viable strains before starting any experiment, so it is very important to do some research before choosing a vendor. Earth’s Tongue is a reliable and trustworthy vendor from where you can buy varieties of spores and cultivating equipment. They have a large collection of viable mushroom spores collected from all over the world. The website also provides instructional videos on growing mushrooms in indoor areas.

Is it legal to buy mushroom spores online

The legality of possessing, growing and taking mushrooms depends on the country where you live. Since there is a psychotropic substance present in magic mushroom, it is usually interpreted growing mushrooms or buying spores through online is illegal. However, the mushroom spores don’t contain psilocybin, so you don’t have to worry about the law. In some states in US like California, Georgia and Idaho, it is illegal to possess magic mushrooms and their spores. So many growers in these states purchase the spores from other countries. Possession and selling dried mushrooms remains illegal in many places around the world. So before you make a purchase of spores through online, make sure you check with the state law.

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