“To the man who became a part of the universe:”

As we walked around the forest

Leaves and branches cracking

Animals howling could be heard

The faint smell of the Earth were lingering in out tiny nostrils

We can hear the Earth

We can feel the Earth

I decided to stop walking, but…

Walang anu-ano’y bigla kang tumakbo

Nabigla ako sa iyong ginawa

I decided to chase you

I ran towards the direction you ran into

Hinabol kita

Hinabol ng hinabol

Hangga’t ako’y mapagod

I was trying to catch my breath from chasing you

Boy, you sure could run fast

I lost sight of you

You were nowhere to be seen

You left me all alone

I didn’t know the way out

I didn’t know the way out of this labyrinth you made

I guess, I could only depend on myself

I guess, I needed to find the way out of this labyrinth alone

I needed to know how to continue my life without you

Up to this day, I can't decipher that

I hate you

I hate you for running away from me

I hate you for leaving me

I hate you being so selfish

Iniwan mo akong mag-isa na wala man lang pasabi

I hate you… for killing yourself

You have always been fascinated about the universe that’s why you were eager to become a part of it

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