Dining Table Runner ideas

4 min readJul 13, 2022


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A fun and inexpensive way to redecorate your tables is using dining table runners — whether it’s your console in the drawing-room or the dining table. The table runners allow you to experiment with your creativity when it comes to table decor. They come in a varied range of different sizes, patterns, colours and textures which can spruce things up. Use table runners for both formal and informal settings according to their texture, colour and design.

What is a Table Runner?

Have you seen long pieces of cloth used on tables for decoration and other purposes in fancy restaurants? Yes, these are table runners that are placed either on top of a tablecloth or just on a bare table. So the next time you invite guests over for a casual meal or you just feel like giving your dining table a fancy touch, dining table runners are the best way to decorate.

The concept of using table runners was invented in the olden times. The idea behind using a table runner back then was that it would catch all the dropped food and spills, which then would be gathered up for cleaning later at night, leaving the tablecloth and the dining table clean and tidy.

Be it a boho table runner or table runner for a glass table, whatever design or styling you decide to go for while decorating your tables using table runners, remember to make them fun, fresh and attractive!

Below we have listed a few ways you can style your space using dining table runners.

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1. Traditionally Lengthwise

The traditional way of using a table runner was done lengthwise. The traditional way includes the runner being placed in the center of the table, The placing should be such that it should be long enough to leave some parts hanging over the edges. However, do make sure that it does not go far down like a tablecloth.

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2. Short & Sweet Contrast Table-runner

A conventional-style table runner runs the full length of the dining table. But if you choose to create a more striking look, choose a shorter table runner. This helps reflect a more contrasting and more casual appeal allowing you to reveal the generous surface of the dining table. Get a short table runner online and go crazy with your creativity!

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3. Widthwise Wide

To add a more casual and chic appeal to the dining area, shorter dining table runners are best. These are great for creating visual unity and a sense of harmony across the dining table. They also eliminate the need for placements on the table. Short runners are an ideal choice for tables that are long, giving everyone at the table their designated place to sit and enjoy a warm meal together.

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4. A tablecloth is a Must

To achieve a minimalistic look, don’t forget to use both a table runner online and a matching tablecloth. You can either go for that matching set of table cloth and table runners or go for the contrasting ones, either way, you will be enhancing the beauty of the space. However, make sure the width or length is the same for an equal overhang.

5. Get Creative

The most amazing thing about decorating your home is that it allows you to get creative. At the end of the day, it’s about showcasing your style and preference in your decor. Go for different themes and styles like a boho table runner to make your decor stand out. The same can be done with table runners. Place them in contrast or matching colours in an ‘X’ shape. A design that works great especially for round tables.

Eventually, you can visit Earthy India and gorge through our endless list of table runners and an array of home decor items. There are so many beautiful items that you will be spoiled by choices! The listed above ideas will help you further in achieving that stunning decor look.