Looking at the roles of active and passive white space in digital

by Earvin Fanfair

What is….


Space is simply a continuous area, free or unoccupied. The intersection of controlling unoccupied space and the reaction it conveys can lead you in multiple directions.

White space/negative space

White space doesn’t always literally mean “white space.” White space is simply negative space that doesn’t hold any cognitive weight.

Active white space

Active white space is the space that is made intentionally to help a user throughout a layout. Organizing content asymmetrically is a commonly used practice in the application of active white space.

Passive white space

Passive white space is the space that is focused on the assembly of procession, readability and the…

Measure twice, export once.

A concise overview of how to set up and start a living UI pattern library

by Earvin Fanfair

Modularity of design components and elements are a vital part of creating a UI library. When building a library, the approach of it should be abstracted from pages and focused around elements and components. (I will discuss this a bit further in the “design tokens” section.) Having a roadmap and artifacts to help govern and frame the contribution and consumption model of a designs system at an organizational level should be established prior to the start of a design system. …

Earvin Fanfair

Visual Designer @Google

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