IT Consulting Philippines: Does the improvement of technology improved communication?

Before, when communication is yet to be modernized by means of technology, people communicate differently. Going back, ancestors communicate with each other using drawn symbols and smoke signals. Centuries later, everyone is communicating through postal letters, telephone, and now through smartphones and the Internet. With the way it develops, there is no doubt that technology has really improved the way people communicate with each other.

Keeping in touch has improved along with the advancements of technology. When telegram was invented, it is a much faster way of communication than sending letters. And then,telephones were introduced to make communicating more easier and more pleasant, allowing individuals to hear the voice of the other they are talking to real-time. With cell phones or smartphones, it allow individuals to contact each other regardless of their location.

And with the widened ways of communication through the Internet, applications like Skype makes it possible for individuals to see and talk to others by means of video calls. As technology keeps on improving, it brings the world closer, making it much easier to communicate with each other despite the distance.

Aside from bridging distances, technology is also helping individuals overcome their disabilities.

Not everyone is perfect; some are born without the ability to hear, making it harder for them to hear what the world is telling them. But technology made it possible for them through the invention of hearing aids. While for those people who have speech impairment, a speech generating device could help them express themselves better.

It is no doubt that technology helps everyone to reach a broader audience. If the ability to communicate was improved by technology, it could also help in reaching wider audience. This is vital for politics, activism, and media. It’s now easier for everyone to capture an event on their phones and upload it on any social media.

For example, an erring politician was digitally captured with the evidence. Social media will surely reach the public to expose the anomaly that happened within the grounds of governance. For different media organizations, the presence of social media makes it easier for them to disseminate information to the public just by sharing articles (for radio), video footage or recording of an event coverage (for television and radio).

Social media could also play a huge part in activism and advocacy dissemination. The million people march proves how powerful social media can be in times of political crises like the Pork Barrel Scam of the Philippine government. It spread like wildfire to raise public awareness needed for the general public to take part in the issue.

Technology also helps businesses expand. Business was made easier because of social media, now a business could gain new customers just by having an interesting content that pertains about their company’s product. By maintaining an active online presence, Va business could surely gain a wider range of customer base.

On the other hand, this type of marketing will need expertise and dedication because of its ever changing trend; if it’s not done right, a business will not be able to achieve its full potential. So if an owner would want to use the online marketing but doesn’t have the expertise, he could turn to business process outsourcing (B.P.O) services. EASE Technology Solutions has a team of highly trained individuals and experts that could help businesses grow.

Technology certainly improved communication, making our lifestyle even better.

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