I’ve had a number of things just sort of happen recently that I think portended where I plan to go.
Mark H

As Kris Kristofferson said, “sounds like you been reading my mail”. Very similar experiences. I always expected the world to get tougher, but not crazier! There are many, many days I regret leaving home, going to uni and getting in this very undemocratic, tipsy line of work.

Do you ever feel like the entire world, not just our sector, is just being slowly squeezed to death? I do. I can feel it way down to the metal. I just recently lost a major customer, one that has literally made millions off a product I built for them? Why? Just bad choices, even though their hearts are in the right place. Also, as it turns out, their customers are dropping off or can’t pay their invoices. Trickle down entropy, eh?

Best of luck on your search, my friend. I’m kinda getting started on that too. I’ve been studying the crazy ass world of React/Redux/ES6/Webpack/Node for the last several months. Have to say, that I’m kind of excited again, even though I silent scream at the constant churn in that particular open source subculture. Change for the sake of change and unicornish wanking, me thinks.

I’ll PM you my email if you want to commiserate.

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