conflate: combine two or more ideas into one
Caleb Ramsby

Dear H. and Caleb, always a pleasure to read your perspectives. Conflation, yes. I do peek in on what Caitlin writes from time to time. I agree with some of her positions. You are correct to call out her conflation of other non-related issues (Destructive power structures imbedded in the US State, at large, for example) with the Russian cyber attacks. This muddies the water. For my part, I think it’s never OK for one state to attack another outside a rigid context of pure self defense.

I would like to see the Russian cyber attack discussion quickly evolve in to one of prevention and objective awareness. The investigations should continue, but at least attempt to avoid toxic politicisation (pretty much impossible, right?). I’m also concerned that the raw emotion and hyper-fixation around the alleged outcomes of the cyber attacks is obscuring some horribly oppressive shit happening concurrently (AHCA, mass deportation, escalating civilian deaths in US military operations, etc. infinitum).

I’m also wondering what we can do to eventually repair relations with the Russian people. Escalating tensions between the Russian and US states endangers the whole world. Overall, we could do with more peace negotiations and diplomacy rather than retrograde Cold War policy. The best way to defeat the Trumps and Putins of the world is to do better by the people they oppress. That is the true essence of a legitimate #resistance, both domestically and abroad.