Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

Dear Mr. Brock,
There is no need to apologize. We are all cold warriors in service to what we feel is right and needful. I will take this at face value. I can only speak as one of the so called Bernie folk. My needs are quite simple. Eject big donors from the Democratic Party. Build a system of financing that is solely based on small, individual, grassroots donations with a severe upper limit. Adopt an ernest platform that puts the poor, working class, and middle class people first in policy, always. Adopt a foreign policy that replaces imperial/military domination with human rights and legitimate humanitarian aid. Open up the Democratic Party in the primaries to all votes, not just registered Democrats. Fight with everything you have for social democratic policies like universal healthcare. Fully accept social movements concerns such as from BLM, NoDAPL, and the LBBTQ folk as fundamental to a just society. Do not exploit these groups only to get votes. Not only support unions but actively work to codify labour rights in to federal laws. Stop calling stressed out, economically desperate people “deplorables”. Acknowledge that such language is a device to divide people that would otherwise be allies. Acknowledge that such devices are tools of the white aristocracy to extort anything and everything from everyone else.

Do this, and let the entire world see you do this, and we can be friends. The floor is yours.

Best Regards,
Jason Stelzner
Canadian and United States Citizen
Citizen of Oregon

P.S.: I understand that this is a broadcast, Mr. Brock, but a response to the commenters here would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, js

cc: Amy Sterling Casil

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