Haven’t You Heard? The Horseshoe’s Broken and the Middle’s Missing

Hi Augustkhalilibrahim, great response. Rantt is not to be trusted whatsoever. They’ve taken hard editorial positions in favour of regime change in Syria and are now trying to whittle away at the positive. They reject the future forward vision of activist labour and the expanded human rights movements advocated by leaders such Sanders, Corbyn, and many others. A revitalised labour movement based on human rights is the only true antidote to the fascist wave that is infesting the world now.

It’s always about the money. Rantt’s funding comes out of a VC shoppe in Texas. I guarantee you their agenda is not one of supporting workers and human rights, but rather, one of exploitation. So we will continue to see a lot of these “wet blanket” articles in the future from them. Cheers, j

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