Anna Breslin was recently suspended on Twitter for calling Lena Dunham out for her recent #metoo debaucle.
Link please?
marjorie steele

Hi marjorie,
This is troubling to hear. Anna is awesome. I’m not on twitter but have heard about this “twitter jail” thing and how basically the little people get thrown in there for challenging celebs and big shots. The digital world imitates the real.

I share your fear of a virtual “police state” on the interwebs. It will be used to shut down legitimate war protest, labour organising, policy advocacy, etc. if it hasn’t already. It will all be done in the name of fighting “russian influence”. Already we see “russian agents” blamed for NoDAPL and BLM. I sincerely hope the well intentioned folks in the greater “resistance” don’t believe those two vital movements are russian psyops. If so, then oppressed communities are in even greater danger and the white aristocracy has won another crushing victory.

Sidenote: I really appreciate Jordan Bray’s deep insights on class dynamics and poverty. Excellent stuff and essential for what we are experiencing.