Peace vs. Disruption

Hi Meg, firstly, L and I were moved to tears by the world wide Women’s marches and were heartened, inspired by some powerful speeches therein. It all was a damn fine thing to see and much needed. We did discuss why a movement such as NoDAPL has been experiencing a media blackout for months and months while the Women’s Marches received so much media coverage. Some points:

  • The activists: NoDAPL consists of a worldwide coalition of native peoples and a few others, while the Women’s Marches were greatly identity varied
  • Geography: NoDAPL is occurring in a geographically isolated, rural place, while the Women’s Marches are a world wide, city hosted series of events
  • Celebrity: NoDAPL involved very few “celebrities” whereas the Women’s Marches had large representation as such
  • Focus: NoDAPL focused on protecting water, treaty rights, and cultural heritage while the Women’s Marches represented a long, varied list of issues
  • Timing: NoDAPL began during one of the most contentious elections in US history. It’s possible that the heat from that burned all the oxygen out of stories such as NoDAPL. Quite differently, the Women’s Marches occurred after the election which primed the pump for them like we don’t know what

L’s and my big concern is that media coverage of events such as the Women’s Marches will devolve in to that of NoDAPL going forward. We feel that a sustained, permanent, large presence somewhere will help keep the MSM’s media swivelhead in place for awhile. In fact it may take months or years for it to be effective and, like NoDAPL, it will most definitely have to include non-violent civil disobedience. NoDAPL managed to eventually get the attention of the Obama administration which temporarily stopped construction on the pipeline. Most unfortunately, now that Trump has authorized an accelerated restart of the pipeline, I fear that the peaceful, spiritual NoDAPL warriors will be murdered defending their rights. Ultimately, they may be martyrs for all the rest of us. They have been trying to teach us something. Time to pay attention.

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