Am I wrong? No… I don’t think so… I think I need some backup here…

Hi TeriJo, just a chime in with another man’s perspective here. These arguments about male suffering are complete bullocks. The white male aristocracy is more powerful than ever.

We are in the midst of an epic social justice backslide that is accelerating to super sonic speeds. Women and Children of Colour will be the first to feel the impacts of this, as always. White men will climb ever higher on the backs of the oppressed, abused, and exploited. Things are notgoing to be ok” for we don’t know how long.

At best, Sirous Martel confuses class issues with women’s rights, but that’s not what the discussion is about.

If we agree that overall gender equality is impossible without power equality then please consider these stats (Apologies, some are not 2016 numbers):

  • ~50% of the US population is female (World Bank)
  • ~19% of the US Congress is female (Rutgers)
  • ~20% of the US Senate is female (Rutgers)
  • ~24% of State legislators are female (NCSL)
  • POTUS Elect is male
  • ~40% of the SCOTUS is female
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