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John and ChaosIntended, not all of us out here in the wild are guided by monolithic trends, hypocritical power structures, or corporate media propaganda. My working class roots make me highly skeptical of ideologies cut up and served on a corporate platter. That’s a bias I was taught and am grateful for it.

For my part, I tend to take queues from the people I trust in life. I’ve been taught an everyday kind of respect for all people and an intolerance for inequality in all its forms. I’ve been fortunate to have impactful role models around me, both negative and positive. Not all are as fortunate.

Chaos, to your point, I completely agree that the history and data are very real. Whilst skepticism is essential, there will always be a need to check our own little bubbles against gathered knowledge of larger phenomena. In this way, we can at least attempt to not be pigeonholed in our own belief systems. Growth matters and is a gift that grants us the ability to do better.

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