I don’t care about poetry, but it seems to me that if there is an artform primed for democratization, disruption, and renewal, it is poetry.
This Makes Me Crazy

Lol, I hear you. In fact most of my family really wants nothing to do with poetry. I think the poetry on Medium survives because of a well-knit community, which also intersects with the long-form writing community. This is a wonderful place full of simply outstanding people from all over the world. I’m not exaggerating or romanticising. How much would it suck to lose this?

I’ve had a creeping feeling ever since the Partner Program/Membership model came about, that “commodification” has finally sunk its meathooks deep in what real people have built here. Others have noted that there are fewer new/emerging writers appearing here. I’ve noticed this too, at least in the poetry microcosm.

I’ve long thought that we could really use a platform that is a true “cooperative”. It would be hard to pull off, seeing that building the Medium platform was a tectonic undertaking, even as we gripe about shortcomings. I seriously doubt Medium will ever go in that direction. Until that “coop” model is realised somewhere, we’ll all have to be malcontented tenants.

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