I rarely eat meat these days
Oh, hell no.
Heath ዟ

Me either. I eat caught fish sometimes. That’s about it.

“every single girl/woman I’ve ever been involved with loves this stuff and I have been”. Hi Heath, I’d like you to meet my ex-wife.

“Raw onions of any sort including, but not limited to, shallots, green onions, scallions, chives, etc. I love love love garlic though”. No Greek salad for you. C’mon, raw onions are the best, especially when soaked in olive oil and vinegar!

What are your reasons on Salmon? Curious about that.

Addendum: My insane German grandfather (I mean it. He was truly bonkers) used to enjoy a bowl of boiled pork rinds in sauerkraut every Christmas eve. I can still smell it.



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