I’ve been thinking a lot about Fall turning to Winter and the not so subtle metaphor there
I don’t think you flubbed it at all!
marika bianca

Oh yeah, such a powerful transition! And every year is different depending on state of mind. Then we had the super moon this year. That sucka was impressive. I’m totally with you on how this time of year finds its way consciously and subconsciously in to our writings. Also, for us northern peeps, the change is dramatic! There are people I like to call “earth writers”. People with a close connection to the land. I see your writing that way. Of course, you are not limited to that realm as your Coffee series and other works show. #Dynamic

I love your idea of picking up the violin! You can totally do that. I suck coconuts at playing guitar but find immense joy from doing so anyway. For my part, playing pushes out anxiety and fear. Someone told me one time that you can’t play and be anxious at the same time. The mental mechanics push back against all the bad stuff in our heads. I think this rings true. Oh, BTW, L wanted me to try out the flute. I did and hahaha what a joke! I couldn’t even manage a single note! Imagine a cow blowing through a hollow log and you get the picture. :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today, marika. We’ve got the appropriate backdrop out here. Cloudy, cold, with the imminent threat of snow.