H. Nemesis Nyx

Oy, Cyborg, what a mess, right? Having rational discussions about anything these days is becoming near impossible. People have truly personalised their fear, anxiety, and mistrust, almost subconsciously, me thinks. I struggle with this, too. I have extreme trust issues with certain public and private US institutions and have to constantly check myself when looking in to something specific, such as the cyber attacks. It’s so easy to drift quickly from skepticism to outright cynicism. I kind of have a half-mantra that I utter internally, “Cool the f down, sift, analyse, depersonalise”. I don’t want to blindly accept everything that I read, especially from the US intelligence establishment, but at the same time what if there are vital truth nuggets that need to be sifted out? It’s not only possible, but likely that those nuggets are there. It’s a fulltime bloody job, ya know?

I’m optimistic (FFS, can’t believe I said that. lol). I think we are starting to coalesce as a progressive community around protecting/expanding human rights, ending oppression, promoting peace and justice. I pray that we stay focused on those efforts.

Last thing, I listened to this great podcast yesterday. Activist Arisha Hatch discusses pressuring corporations to take moral stands on human rights issues and how she resists their attempts to co-opt her organisation. And her outfit gets some serious results too! Hope you enjoy:

Big thanks for the reply and take good care. -j

cc: Caleb

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