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That’s what they’d like us all to believe, but it’s entirely false. Every last millimeter of their existence is greased by the world’s most powerful elite, whether by ad revenue, who owns them, or the social strata they swim in.

At some point, they decided to virtue signal on a few issues such as LGBTQ rights because it was decided that such issues would not interfere with profits or hinder the oppression of other marginalised people all over the world. Here’s the fatal flaw with that: as soon supporting those issues threatens profits, then support will disappear.

Another thing, if you actually look at the news articles/editorials that are in NYT and WaPo, as examples, you’ll see a lot of support for really crazy stuff like expanding military interventions. But what is most telling is what is omitted, perpetually. Topics such as the Flint water crisis, wage stagnation, labour exploitation, exploitation of communities of colour, First Nations’ treaty rights, economic collapse in rural and urban communities, … The list is endless and the reporting of any item therein directly threatens oligarchic, profiteering power structures. That’s your White Aristocracy.

Lastly, MSM loves the 2 teams mind game. They have created false divisions among people. The “liberal” team versus the “conservative” team. “Democrats” versus “Republicans”. Article after article reinforces this fake ecosystem. Meanwhile, while info hungry readers/watchers are distracted by the game, the most powerful people in the world kill and rob us, always starting with people of colour, here and around the world. Oh, and the game-masters most definitely include all political persuasions of the MSM. Yup, that means FOX too.

Indoctrination, distraction, division, gaslighting, scapegoating, phony tribalism. All part of the game.