I am happy to share my thoughts with you, Jason, my fellow northern peep and Canuck — any time :)…
marika bianca

Totally with you on how supportive this community is. I think what makes this all hum is that we come together over some really positive things, not necessarily happy things always. I’ve never conceived of anything like it. Writers for social justice, advocacy, and creative endeavors of all kinds. It’s overwhelming sometimes until the skin thickens.

I’ve always loved piano music. Such an essential instrument, eh? I hope you can get your piano from your mum’s soon. What about picking up a cheap keyboard?

As for Ozzy/Randy, I wonder if they are in the Canadian Teenager handbook, lol. We listened to a lot of those guys and similar back in the day. AC/DC too. All the rockers. Good times. I’m not familiar with Nuno Bettencourt. Will check him out.

As for staying toasty over here, thank you, we certainly will. I’m dumbstruck that we don’t have a foot of snow yet. You all out east get crazy amounts of snow! And Toronto is like smack dab in the middle of the snow belt.

Now for some kind of bad news. I just got a text from my Trump lovin’ neighbours inviting us to US Thanksgiving. :-/ I don’t know if you read my piece about them recently. Anyway, I’m grateful for the invite. It’s just that we’re not in the mood for a Trumpfest now or forevermore. mega-Ugh. With whatever grace we can muster L and I will go forward. I need to consult my guru, Ricky, for strength. You all stay warm and dry out there too! ❤

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