I’ve been living this for several years with a sophomore in college and a HS junior like yours.
Sherry Kappel

Tough choices for your eldest, Sherry. I have to say, overall, that I believe in a good liberal arts education and the sciences are good too if one is in to that.

Community colleges (just “colleges” in Canada) can be great for people to knock out non-core courses. Way more affordable too. Tried to make that pitch to my niece but she wasn’t having any of it. lol. She wanted to go where she wanted to go. She’s happy and feels she made the right choice.

Overall, very concerned about people graduating with massive debt. I’m of the mind that public college, vo-tech, and university tuition should be completely socialised. If we can pay for endless wars, then we can blahblahblah, amiright? Cheers, j

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