Anyone who thinks we’ve conquered nature is sadly misinformed.
Yikes! A little bit of new growth though, I think?
Sherry Kappel

Wasn’t Mount St. Helens something? I grew up to the northeast of the eruption, as the wind blows, and it dropped 3 inches of ash on our town. Was like the end of the world. But we don’t have to deal with hurricanes like y’all do.

To your question, you can see the fire line towards the bottom of the hill where there are still living trees by the road. Everything above there going up to the summit is dead.

But wait, there’s more. If you follow the left hillside up the valley to where the hills on both sides of the river appear to converge, you can see where the fire jumped the river and burned up the hill on the other side. The dead trees and barren hillside in the upper right show it.