Jason Stelzner, I feel like our mutual green hearts made us good friends from afar.

yargg-blush, NA. Thank you. โ™ฅ Yes, โ€œthe heartโ€. You make a vital point. Many have written about them. How to increase, monetize, capitalize on them. Perhaps for some of us, we just want to connect. To show our appreciation and broadcast the recognition that people are not alone.

Wife and I were struggling through the US Presidential debate last night. We didnโ€™t want to be there, but felt some misguided sense of duty to country. Like we had to be witnesses. But such unrelenting malice and vitriol. Destruction minus the hope of rebuilding. I would much rather be sitting by a campfire or spending time with the Medium community. Reading your works and those of others.

Peace to you and be well.

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