Visit Easter Island to Witness the Spectacular 2017 Tapati Festival

The tiny Island in the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island famous in all over the world for unique stone statues called moais. On this island every year a vibrant Tapati Rapa Nui Festival is celebrated, which is considered to be one of the best tourist attractions that draws people from all over the world.

When and Why the Tapati Festival Started?

The Tapati Festival began in the 1970s to maintain and promote the Rapa Nui culture amongst the islanders as well as also to generate interest and a sense of identity amongst the children. In these recent few years, the Tapati Festival is highlighted as one of the best feature of the Easter Island tourism to attract visitors.

The Rapa Nui Tapati Festival is celebrated every year during the first two weeks of February to promote the unique heritage, culture and traditions.

What is observed during the Festival?

During the Tapati festival celebration, the island is divided in two groups, where each part has an alliance or clan who represents the ancient races of the Rapa Nui or Easter Island. Each group’s clan will choose a queen to represent and lead the group during the competitions. And the winner group’s Queen will be having the right to own the title of “Queen of the Rapa Nui Island” for that year.

The Tapati festival in Rapa Nui includes numerous dancing, singing competitions and traditional sporting events like swimming, horse racing, canoeing, haka pei and the island triathlon.

The main events of the Tapati Festival take place each night on the stage at the Hanga Vare Vare, while the daytime activities or competitions are held at different locations all around the island. This fabulous festival involves everyone those who are present on the island at that time like locals or visitors.

What are the Competitions held during the Rapa Nui Tapati Festival?

These are some of the competitions or activities:

  1. Vaka Tuai: In this activity each team has to recreate a traditional Polynesian vessel and sail in it to compete with other teams.
  2. Takona: This activity is a body painting competition that is done using the technique of mixing natural pigments to paint the entire body. Each team has to explain the meaning behind their paintings done on the body.
  3. Riu: In this competition, participants perform on ritual songs to tell the epic stories and legends of the Rapa Nui Culture.
  4. Koro Haka Opo: This is a band or musical group competition that emphasizes the choral ability of the participants.
  5. Haka Pei: This is a daring competition, in which young men slide on plantain trunks on the 120 meter long slope (at 45 ° angle of the Pu’i hill).
  6. Pora: This is a swimming competition on the reed float or pora, in which the competitors (dressed in typical costumes and adorned with body paint) had to cover a distance of 1500m.

By relying on Easter Island Spirit to visit Easter Island in a safe and convenient way; we will make sure you have the utmost fun and excitement during the 2017 Rapa Nui Tapti Festival, which will be held from Friday 27th January- Sunday 12th February. We are proud to be recognized as a licensed and trustworthy tour operator in the Easter Island or Rapa Nui.

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