“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself. Hiding your core feelings takes an enormous amount of energy, it saps your motivation to purse worthwhile goals, and it leaves you feeling bored and shut down.”

Love this quote! So true. Trauma must find a voice so that it does not get reenacted over and over. It reminds me of Freud’s contention: what is not let into awareness gets repeated (or something of the sort). On the other hand, narrative treatments for trauma given by therapists who don’t understand the physiology of trauma have actually been re-traumatizing for some folks. The way i understand it is this: narrating a traumatic memory when one does not feel safe enough to do so re-traumatizes the individual because they relive the experience in their body as they tell the story. That’s why I love Bessel’s focus on somatic therapies as well, so that the safety of the felt sense in the body is primary. I think this gets lost on us at our school since we are so relational.

Post by Ryan Mathis