Subjective vs objective reality: eastern wisdom( mindfulness) vs science

A journey from non-self ( material) to self ( consciousness) : mindfulness

Mindfulness session

Eastern wisdom aims at discovery of subjective reality

The eastern wisdom is 6000 years old , supported by 3000 masters and texts. Every master followed the same fundamentals aimed at discovery of our true nature. This true nature is known by different names — self, real-self, pure consciousness, Absolute-existence-cosnciousness-bliss etc.

The subjective reality is unchanging reality beyond body, breath, brain and the mind.

Science aims at discovery of the objective reality

The science aims at understanding the outer space — material world. It begins its journey from matter and trying to unfold the mystery of brain, mind and consciousness. The tremendous achievement of science resulted in abundance in outer space at the cost of bankruptcy in the inner space.

This inner poverty of man has caused stress and suffering. The great masters of eastern wisdom had realized the problems of outer riches and inner poverty. They discovered meditation or mindfulness and hundreds of other practices , to remove this inner poverty.

Manuals of science and eastern wisdom are different but goal is one

The goal of eastern wisdom and science is same — truth. One aims at discovery of objective reality — matter and other aims at discovery of subjective reality — self or consciousness. Eastern wisdom ( includes mindfulness ) explains the principles and practices to discover the true nature. They are different from the principles of science.

Follow the principles of eastern wisdom to succeed in mindfulness and of science to understand the benefits

My master says that principles of science explores the non-self ( material world includes body, breath, and brain) and principles of eastern wisdom explores the self ( our true nature).