A visit to Dreamland in Margate

The Scenic Railway in Dreamland Margate has a long history

We often say life is a roller coaster…

This is literally true when talking about Margate’s life and its famous roller coaster. Dreamland’s uniquely wooden roller coaster, will be 100 years old soon, making it the oldest one in the UK. A brakeman is still required to travel with the train to control its speed, manually applying brakes when needed. In our lives full of technology and speed, isn’t great to know that being on this roller coaster you are travelling 100 years into history?

Your guide to preparing your home for holiday letting photos

Why decorative details matter in holiday letting

Every holidaymaker is looking for that hidden holiday gem, the relaxing place they will be spending their short break or longer holiday. Unlike selling a house, when marketing a holiday let, you are selling an atmosphere and an experience. This is why to succesfully promote your holiday let you will want to showcase all your hidden gems, those stories and details that will make you stand out from all the other holiday lets in your area.

I photograph both homes for sale and holiday lets in East Kent. The difference in the type of photos and the marketing techniques is…

The East Kent blog

Telling stories of East Kent whether on the coast or in the countryside of the beautiful garden of England.

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