Ninja’s food ,diet, provisions


is famous potable food of Ninja and Samurai.

It was made by buckwheat flour, pearl barley, sesame seeds, honey, sugar, etc.

It is said that no food are needed except one Hyorougan a day.

Foxtail, barnyard grass and buckwheat were being eaten as principal food by Ninja

Furthermore,potatoes, tofu, fermented soybean paste, pickled plum and vegetables were being eaten.

They also tend to eat black rice,black soybeans, black Chinese quince, black sesame and black pine nut.

Sennin shoku

These black foods are called “Sennin shoku”.

It is said that ancient chinese hermit ate these black foods.

ancient chinese hermit

These foods strengthen life force and rejuvenated people who eat them.

Pine nuts were being eaten a lot by Ninja,because the pine nuts sharpen senses.

Ninja needs to sharpen their senses,so they tend to eat foods which sharpen the senses.

They avoid eating garlic,leeks,green onions and meat because they need to prevent body odor.

Of course,they didn’t smoke tabako because of same reason.

“Hoshii”is Ninja’s portable ration.It’s the rice dried by sun.It can eat easily by pouring water.


“Kikatsugan”was made by carrots, buckwheat flour, wheat flour, yam, mimikusa, pigeon wheat, glutinous rice.

NInja soaked them three years in liquor.

Then dried them and make it like a partable ration.


It is said that you never get tired or starved if you eat three “Kikatsugan”a day.


“Suikatsugan” was made by plum meat, rock sugar, ergot.This was eaten when Ninja was thirsty.


“Katayaki”is famous Ninja’s food you can buy.It is first made by Ninja and nowadays it is popular food of Mie prefecture.

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