What People Think You Should Be Reading

A list of book lists. Every week I’ll bring you the best reading lists from around the web, because the problem you have is figuring out what books to read — not finding the time to read them.

10 Scary Books to Read


I tend to find Palahniuk more gross than scary. But I highly suggest Beukes.

19 Really Long Books


Not included is the Count of Monte Cristo, which is something everyone should read

7 Psychology Books every Product Person Should Read

Get your b’ness on.


10 Poetry Collections For People Who Think They Don’t Like Poetry


The Truth is, we could all use a little poetry in our lives. I suggest memorizing a few poems to let them grow your soul from the inside. A few of my favorite and easy to read poets are: Frank O’Hara, Bukowski, Jorge Luis Borges, and Billy Collins.

7 literary journals you should read


I didn’t start reading Lit Mags until last year. They are fun when you don’t want to invest in a book. Just one of these Journals will last me about a month or two, so don’t let the prices get you down. I also recommend McSweeney’s, Tin House, and N+1 — I have subscriptions to all of these.

Every Monday I’ll be giving you the best reading lists I’ve found. So stay tuned for more!

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