I Approach Art & The Creative Process like a Romance

A creative exercise in metaphor.

She’s beautiful — I’ve committed my whole life to her.

He provides comfort for you when you’re down and out, an unlicensed therapist of some sort.

She can hurt me deeper than anyone else I know when she doesn’t reciprocate my love.

His illusiveness is agonizing to deal with. He can stoke your paranoia while internally you’re ruminating, “Does he even care how unstable I am right now?”

Sometimes I wake up and don’t have enough energy to give to her. But I’ll give her what I’ve got and hope that it’s enough.

He always does something to remind you of why you love him.

Even though I don’t see any results right now, I HAVE to believe that she’ll eventually notice what I’ve been trying to improve.

He isn’t perfect by any means, but he’s given you a broader perspective that you wouldn’t have without him.

The more I peel back the layers of her personhood, the more excited I get at what I find, and the more curious I get.

Just when you think you’ve got him all figured out, he surprises you with a whole new side of himself that gives you those butterflies you forgot you had.

I only get from her what I give her, and most of the time not even that.

He’ll make you want to give up on him when the two of you go through the same roadblocks over and over again.

She speaks for me when I can’t speak for myself.

People see the fruits of your labor through him in how he’s grown and matured.

As much as I love her, my identity isn’t found in her.

You should know that he’s not as complicated as you think he is. You can go with the obvious sometimes and everything will be alright.

I can’t predict her.

He understood you on Tuesday — but today’s a new day.

We’ve put too much into this love to give it up now.

Theres peaks and valleys. There’s nirvana and depression. There’s a spirituality to it and a concreteness. There’s an explicit and implicitness. There’s a cycle to the whole thing and the better we understand that, the more uninhibited we’ll be in our pursuit and creation of it — of Art AND love.

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