Random Ramblings of 2016

“2016 year in review” videos is a social experiment by Facebook.
The study finds that, no one gives a fuck about what you did in 2016.
With the results published, I guess you guys could stop participating in the study.
It is about time we replace Bacon number with, “relative at Appollo” number.
The most compelling reason to take bath on a certain day is that you haven’t taken bath, the previous day.
Dei smoker sans, what do you think, drinking green tea along with your ciggy is going to cancel each other out?
The worst thing that could happen to a joke, is to end up as a Whatsapp forward.
I knew that we were cricket experts, suddenly we all are experts in monetary policy and its macro/micro economic impact.
I am actually tired of listening to people who ask us to live in the moment. If there were a scoopwhoop list for the top ten coolest things to say, this would be at the top.
Maybe you should look into your past, look at the things that you have fucked up over time. Learn from the past, and avoid further fuck ups in the future. Maybe living in the moment isn’t as cool as it sounds.
I am going to miss the days when my parents used to give me odd tasks, and I switch the channel to Times Now and pretend I never heard them
I really don’t get what is all this fuss about birthdays, there is this sanctity of life and all that BS. But say, if you know the day you are going to die after x years, that would be the perfect reminder that you could hope for.
All said, thanks for the wishes.
I guess the roots of Sambhar in Karnataka can be traced back to ParuppuPradhaman in Kerala.
Ok. Going by this year’s results, I’ll assume that the Swedish Academy hasn’t heard any of Gaana Bala’s songs.
I think every late show host secretly wants Donald Trump to win this elections.
Is it just me, or do you start judging a person if they are a fan of Vijay?
Happiness is a state of mind where you are ok with not getting Petromax Light.
During his search to find Kumuthavalli, Kabali caught 5432 Pokemon and controlled 257 gyms.
I think there is a causal relationship between using incense and the Pokemon Go servers going down.
It is actually great to know what you would be posting 10 years from now. I ll never regret unfollowing you today.
I ll take my inability to work through snapchat as signs of ageing.