To withstand your talent cost crunch. Have you thought about..

Starting an Internship Program in your Company 
- There’s never been a better time.

6 benefits from starting up an Internship Program in your company

1. A pipeline of future talents. An internship program provides for an ongoing pipeline of future fulltime employees. For most companies, the effort and costs associated with recruitment and hiring is extremely consuming. Solution? Get in hungry interns who need a career path in the current slow economy without the hassles of expensive job ads or time consuming tedious interviews.

2. Test before you commit. Hiring an intern is probably the smartest way to evaluate their potential as a fulltime team member. Hiring “tested out” candidates, will reduce pitfalls like “he is not a good fit here” or he does not have the passion required in this field of work.

3. Reduce negative employee turnover: Studies internationally have shown that employee retention rate is a lot of higher when they are hired through an internship program.

4. Another set of eyes. Interns may provide another perspective to certain types of work place challenges. Their uncluttered fresh minds may result in novel suggestions in resolving or enhancing work place processes.

5. Find them almost free-of-charge. For example, NrgEdge will soon allow you to post your company profile and internship positions completely free of charge targeted for the energy industry. This means you get extensive exposure to students looking for great opportunities in the energy sector from local and regional universities.

6. Remember you were once a student too. Offering a young person a career path, gives you a chance to pay back the opportunity given to you when you first started out with no industry experience. Not only do you help these individuals start out but you also help the whole workforce in your industry. With more experienced talent available in the market, you may have more talents to choose from later when the Oil price come back.

Your next step? NrgEdge will be launching its internship portal for the energy industrysoon and we would be happy to post your internship positions free of charge. Take this opportunity and let us know about your interest or plans to hire interns in your company as well. We are here to help.

Simply click here and we’ll get the ball rolling. If you have any questions or require further, just drop me a note at

Have a productive week ahead.

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