What is the best real estate website design company for generating agent leads?


Seriously, no company can generate leads like you can for yourself.

Let me break this down into actionable items for you:

The one thing you need is a lead capture website designed by a pro.

But after that, you want to control your own destiny.


No one can “Do SEO for you anymore.” SEO isn’t something to be ‘done.’ It’s a living, breathing thing that you need to understand. You need to constantly be getting links from local business owners you work with. You need to constantly be publishing your thoughts online via a blog or video.

This is stuff people cannot do for you.

And if they do, they will do it in a sterile corporate manner that simply doesn’t work anymore.

SEO used to = getting spammy links.

Now: SEO = you writing 500 words and uploading some pictures about a new community some Home Builders just started developing.

This is content that no company can outsource for you. You’d be better off hiring a $10/hr intern to take 20+ photos and write 200 words for each picture. And then putting it on your lead capture website.

Now, let’s get into PPC…

What is PPC?

It’s where you pay someone per click to visit your website.

At face value, it sounds like you should just pay someone to do that. But what’s the market rate for PPC management? $200–800 per month?

That’s going to get you come cookie cutter campaigns that is optimized for the right keywords.

And that’s great at face value….. but what you really need are creative campaigns that get leads that want to talk with you!

Here are two examples:

How I’m Getting $2.00 Motivated Seller Leads With YouTube
Google Adwords For Real Estate Copy These 2 Ads To Win

No one will setup a youTube ad campaign like that for you. They just can’t.

But you can! You can follow those guides.

You should aim to add one new lead generation model for your website to you toolbox at least every month.

This is how your business grows. When you build systems that take your website to the next level.